Left Side Up is based in Belfast. Northern Ireland. This city ought to be a center of public theology, given its history of conflict and reconciliation. We seek to play our part in helping enrich the theological landscape of this place, for the benefit of all. And we seek to partner with those already engaged, and welcome anyone willing to pitch in and share the vision.

We run a public theology podcast and are currently developing a schools programme aimed to inspire a love of theology among secondary students. In addition to this we are putting together a blog series that features a range of important, distinctive voices on theology, politics and the arts.

Left Side Up has a strong vision, based in liberation theology, that seeks the joining together of a progressive theological perspective with real world application. As we develop our programmes, our reach and our capacity we will, in time, be looking to set up a number of social justice projects in Northern Ireland. Stay tuned as we develop these. And please, please, get in touch if you feel this is something you would like to support in any way.