Making room for questions and space for community
Beginning 8th and 10th of September!

For doubters and believers; the nervous and the curious, The Reconstructions Course is a six-week, discussion based course designed to encourage the sharing of questions about traditional Christian faith, and to cultivate an atmosphere of open exploration and honest discussion. 
Each week we will tackle a major theme: Bible, Gospel, Sin, Heaven and Hell, Prayer. Together we will help one another build a faith worth the name. You will be made to feel very welcome, and we will be delighted to have you and your biggest, most nagging questions.
The course is free, to ensure those who need it most have access, though we do suggest a small donation of £3 an evening to cover the copious tea, coffee and Kit-Kats. 
To book on to the course (both held at LSU HQ on the Donegall Road) that suits your schedule, click the link below.


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