Publishing disruptive, constructive theological voices

Left Side Up Press are looking to discover, work with and publish exciting, diverse and unique work by theologians, writers and artists. The theology pamphlet, once a crucial form for the communication of theological ideas, is in need of a comeback. This is where we — and you? — come in. 

We issued a general call for proposals for our first batch of work in Summer 2020.

The first books from LSU Press will be launched from Summer 2021!



The pamphlet is very much its own form. Historically, the pamphlet has been a home for radical ideas that are not necessarily welcomed in the mainstream. This is why Left Side Up Press seek to revive the form. 6,000 to 12,000 words on a single issue, idea or theme, the pamphlet gives a writer the freedom-in-constraint to present unique, authoritative piece of writing to a wide readership.



We are looking for ideas and writing that are at home in the pamphlet form. We are also seeking writers and theologians with an innovative and important voice, writing from experience and with authority. This means there are no subjects, topics, themes or ideas that are off-limits. Each chosen writer will have the chance to discuss their work with an editor, and will be offered extensive feedback on their writing at all stages of the process.  

We are interested in seeing proposals from a wide range of themes and perspectives. Here are some areas we are keen to pursue with writers:

- Theology, inclusion and NI

- Theology's role in reconciliation

- The arts and theology

- Liberation Theology in context 

- Progressive Christianity and culture.  

Helpful Info

Very few theologies are universal, so we want to publish work that names its context and writes towards a purpose, one grounded in particulars. And while we aren't interested in only Practical theology, we do believe that all useful theology has practical implications. Please do consider the ethical and practical foundations and applications of your proposed work before submitting.