'The glory of God is the human being fully alive.'

Iranaeus of Lyon.






We at Left Side Up take this as an absolute starting point. What might be possible if we, God's image bearers, were free to be who we were made to be and to do what we are made for?

Too often theology is used to limit people. There is already so much that holds precious people  back: mental health, poverty, exclusion. Theology and faith ought to offer an alternative!

Be part of the work of Left Side Up as we develop courses, workshops, programmes and resources to articulate a grace-centered, hope-filled theology here in NI and further afield! 

what we do

Here are a few things we are running as part of our theology programme

These live discussions and interviews are for our Left Side Up Community members, on Facebook. If you would like to join us as we rethink Paul, Easter and Faith and Mental Health alongside experts, do join our closed group!

Rethinking Paul, the first in the series, starts on Tuesday 23rd March at 8pm. 

We oppose so called 'conversion therapy' in all its forms. The Left Side Up working group on conversion therapy meets monthly to discuss, organise and act. If you are passionate about this issue and would like to be involved, please get in touch.